Corporate and Group Cleanups

Create A Beach Cleanup For Your Organization

In addition to our weekly beach cleanups, Beach Squad provides the opportunity for groups and corporations to create their own cleanup events.


Our group beach cleanups offer an enjoyable team-building opportunity while allowing your organization to showcase its dedication to sustainability and active community involvement.


Group beach cleanup events can be hosted on any day of the week that aligns with your organizations schedule and ours.

Contact Us To Schedule Your Cleanup



How Does It Work?

You Bring the Enthusiasm, We'll Take Care of the Rest!


1) Choose a date that will work for your group, and give us a call or email. (Contact Below)

2) We'll send you a simple sign-up link for you to share with everyone who you would like to participate in your cleanup. (There are other sign-up options available to suit specific needs)

3) On the day of cleanup, we set up the cleanup station including all the buckets, pickers, gloves, and trash bags.

Clean and enjoy!

Beyond the pleasure of spending a beautiful morning on the beach and enjoying each other's company, the individuals are actively making a positive impact on the local community and the environment.


You can include contests like "Who collected the most trash", and "Who collected the weirdest piece of trash" etc.

End Of Cleanup: 

We take group photos and weigh all the trash that your group has collected and give you your final results!


As an added bonus we provide your group with a Certificate Of Excellence with your organization's name, date,  and the total pounds of trash collected for you to show off on your wall of achievements!

Group Cleanup Sponsorship Tiers

Up to 10  volunteers =  $150

Up to 25 volunteers =   $300

Up to 50 volunteers =   $500

Up to 100 volunteers = $850

Contact us to arrange groups of over 100 volunteers

All Group Cleanups Include:

✅ A Certificate Of Excellence including your organization's name, the date of your event, and the total pounds of trash your group removed from the beach


✅ Group photos that showcase your team of superstars


✅ Your group linked on our Beach Squad Sponsors web page for the full season


✅ Recognition on all Beach Squad social media posts involving your cleanup

What Are The Benefits Of Beach Squad Group Cleanups?

1. Impactful Community Engagement: 

Join countless dedicated volunteers who collectively removed thousands of pounds of trash from our beaches and neighborhoods.


Across Florida, groups of people come together with the shared purpose of making a positive impact on their communities and enriching the quality of their lives.

2. Team Building, Reinvented:

Our cleanups aren't just about picking up trash—they're about building stronger teams and relationships. We have fun and inspire others to enjoy themselves while helping out our environment!


Whether you're a small organization, a local business, or a major corporation, our cleanups offer an experience that promotes collaboration and personal well-being.

3. Flexible Scheduling:

We understand your busy schedule. That's why our group cleanups can be scheduled almost any day from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM.


Whether it's a weekday team-building session or a weekend community event, we're here to accommodate your needs.

Thousands of pounds of trash are removed from our coastline each year.

4. Personalized Recognition:

After a successful cleanup, your group will receive a Certificate of Excellence with your name, date, and total pounds of trash collected to commemorate your efforts.


We encourage you to proudly display your team's achievements while inspiring others to join the cause!

5. Lasting Memories and Positive Impact:

Beyond the tangible results of the trash collected, your team will leave the beach with cherished memories of a fulfilling and enjoyable day.


Through their participation in beach cleanup initiatives, team members not only play a vital role in preserving the beauty of their surroundings but also serve as role models, inspiring others to join in their efforts toward creating a cleaner, healthier environment.


Together, you'll have created a cleaner, safer environment for all to enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Where Do The Cleanups Take Place?

Our beach cleanups take place at Sun Splash Park in Daytona Beach, Florida, a popular tourist area that attracts visitors from around the globe.


Unfortunately, the high volume of tourists often results in a significant amount of garbage left on the beach. This is where our organization steps in.


Sun Splash Park also provides a large free parking lot as well as public restrooms for volunteers to use while cleaning the beach. 


Group cleanups are available to schedule most any day of the week from March - September.


Cleanups can begin as early as 8:30am and can last until 11:00am.


Contact us if you are looking for a cleanup outside of our usual cleanup availability.


As many as you would like! For groups of up to 50 volunteers, we provide buckets and pickers for each individual.


For teams with more than 50 volunteers, we pair them up on buckets and provide additional trash bags and gloves so that each volunteer can actively participate in the cleanup effort.

What Are the donations/Sponsorships associated WITH gROUP cLEANUPS?

Contributions for group cleanups:

$150 = up to 10 volunteers

$300 = up to 25 volunteers

$500 = up to 50 volunteers

$850 = up to 100 volunteers


Special arrangements are made for groups of over 100.


Contributions can be made by check or credit card.

(Additional amount may apply with a credit card) 

Can I sponsor Cleanups without scheduling a private event?

Certainly! A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available to suit the desired contribution amounts of individuals or corporations. Click the button for all sponsorship info.

What Happens IF There Is Bad Weather Or High Tide?

Safety comes first for our volunteers, and unfortunately, bad weather happens.


If there is heavy rain or winds over 15mph predicted for the day of the cleanup, we will reschedule the cleanup.


In certain instances when there is an unusually high tide, the beach area available for cleaning is significantly reduced or even nonexistent. During such events, our focus shifts to the coastline and parking lots, as these areas still accumulate a substantial amount of trash and debris that require attention.


To schedule your own group or corporate cleanup with Beach Squad, simply reach out to us at:






Let's work together to make a difference, one clean beach at a time.