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Beach Squad: From Toddler Trash Picker To A World Positivity

In the heart of our community, there's a local business that's not just changing lives – it's spreading positivity and inspiring people worldwide. Meet Kyle Sitter, the visionary founder of Beach Squad, a company that has evolved from a childhood passion for cleanliness and kindness into a global movement for positive change!

The Early Beginnings: 

Kyle's journey towards creating Beach Squad began when he was just a toddler, walking the streets with his grandmother, picking up trash. His grandmother, an advocate of random acts of kindness, taught him the profound impact of spreading positivity. This early exposure to acts of goodwill left an indelible mark on young Kyle.

Kyle's Kookies: 

In the first grade, Kyle decided to take his passion for helping the community to the next level by starting "Kyle's Kookies." He baked and sold cookies in his neighborhood to raise funds for local charities that provided clothing to the homeless. His unwavering dedication to making a difference in people's lives started to shine through

Costa Rican Inspiration: 

Fast forward to his adult life, Kyle found himself living in a small surf town in Costa Rica. He couldn't ignore the environmental issues plaguing the pristine beaches he had grown to love. Tourists would often litter and leave trash behind, while the locals faced the devastating problem of shoreline erosion with limited resources to combat it.

The Birth of Beach Squad: 

In response to these challenges, Kyle decided to take action. He organized volunteer beach cleanups to restore the beaches to their natural beauty and formed a local music and arts festival, the "Beach Squad Music and Arts Festival," to raise funds for shoreline erosion solutions. The festival featured local musicians and artists, uniting the community in a shared mission to protect their environment.

The Mission Unveiled: 

As the success of these endeavors grew, Kyle and his team decided to formalize their mission. Beach Squad was founded with a clear purpose: to help people feel positive about themselves, encourage others to do the same, and make a positive impact on the environment. It was a mission rooted in kindness, community, and sustainability.

Years of Dedication: 

Opening the first Beach Squad location was no easy feat. Kyle and his team poured their blood, sweat, and tears into the venture, but their positivity never wavered. In 2023, their hard work paid off when the first Beach Squad location finally opened its doors.

The Power of Positive Energy: 

Today, Beach Squad specializes in Positive Energy Apparel, a creative line that spreads good vibes wherever it goes. They've also hosted over 60 public beach cleanups, not only helping the coastline and marine life but also uniting volunteers and community members to promote positivity.

A Local Business with a Global Impact: 

What started as a toddler's trash-picking adventures with his grandmother has evolved into a worldwide force for good. Beach Squad not only spreads positivity but also provides custom shirts for local businesses, school organizations, and family events. It's a local business that's creating a world of positivity, one act of kindness and one piece of Positive Energy Apparel at a time.