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Beach Squad Weekly Cleanups

Beach Squad hosts weekly beach cleanups every Sunday, and special event cleanups throughout the year in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Our weekly cleanups have always been and will continue to be free of charge.

Weekly PUBLIC Beach Cleanup Information

Beach Squad volunteer beach cleanups offer a chance for locals and visitors to contribute to environmental preservation while promoting community engagement and encouraging collective action to protect our coastline.

Date & Time:

8:30 am - 11:00 am (Weather Permitting)


Our cleanups take place every Sunday from March to October.


Volunteers help clean for as long as they want within our cleanup hours.


All buckets and pickers are returned by 10:45 am.


Sun Splash Park, Daytona Beach FL


Sun Splash Park is located in a popular tourist area that attracts visitors from around the globe.

Unfortunately, the high volume of tourists often results in a significant amount of garbage left on the beach.


FREE PARKING is available at Sun Splash Park while spots are availble. (About 100 parking spots)

Usually, the parking lot does not fill up until about 10:00am

What Is Provided:

Beach Squad provides buckets, pickers, trash bags, and gloves to all volunteers who sign up through our event links

What To Bring:

- Drinking water in a reusable bottle to stay hydrated!


- Sun protection (ocean-friendly sunscreen, UPF50 performance clothing)


- Sandals or shoes to protect your feet from trash debris


Volunteers can sign0up through our link here

Create A Cleanup For Your Organization

Custom group cleanups offer a unique team-building opportunity while allowing your organization to showcase your dedication to sustainability and active community involvement.