What To Bring

Join Beach Squad for a morning full of fun, sun, and positive change!


Below is a quick list to help you stay positive while making a positive impact to our environment!


What to Bring to a beach squad cleanup:

1) Water in Reusable Water Bottle:

Stay hydrated while you make waves of change! 


2) Sun Protection:

Daytona Beach is known for its glorious sunshine. Don't forget sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to keep you safe and comfortable.

3) Comfortable Clothes: Dress for success! Wear comfortable, breathable attire, and don't forget your trusty beach hat.

4) Sandals or Shoes: Protect your feet while navigating the sandy terrain. Sand can get pretty hot in certain areas!

5) Snacks: Energize your inner eco-warrior with some snacks to keep you going.

Beach Squad Volunteers are provided with:


- Cleanup Buckets

- Trash Pickers

-Reusable Gloves

Performance long sleeves are perfect for beach cleanups

Up to UPF 50 Sun Protection

Beach Cleanups Help You, And Others Feel Positive:

Helping the environment isn't just about cleaning up trash...

It's about fostering a positive mindset and a stronger community bond!

Here's how your participation spreads positivity:

Feel-Good Vibes: The act of making a difference, no matter how small, leaves you with a heart full of warmth and positivity.


Community Connection: Bond with fellow volunteers who share your passion for a cleaner, greener world.


Empowerment: By actively participating in environmental conservation, you become an agent of positive change.


Beach Therapy: The sound of the waves, the smell of the salt air, and the satisfaction of a clean beach—it's a therapeutic trifecta!

With Beach Squad, you're not just cleaning up the beach; you're transforming it into a haven of beauty and tranquility!


Join our next beach cleanup event and witness the magic of positivity in action.


Let's create a cleaner, greener, and more inviting Daytona Beach together! It's more than a cleanup; it's a celebration of community, positivity, and environmental stewardship.